Get reliable, valid middle-of-year benchmark data this year FREE with mCLASS®

To limit the impact of lost instruction this year, mCLASS is offering one round of assessment (MOY) free. The offer is valid through January 31.

mCLASS® is an integrated, gold-standard literacy system that offers teacher-administered assessment and holistic instruction for grades K–6. Close instructional gaps and catch your students up this school year with mCLASS's comprehensive system that includes efficient one-minute measures with DIBELS®, a built-in dyslexia screener, teacher-led and student-driven instruction, intervention, and robust reports for teachers and administrators.


For early reading, your students need teachers, not computers to do the assessing.

Sign up for mCLASS K–6 this year and get FREE access to:

  • Licenses
  • Digital kit materials
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Student grouping with teacher-led instruction
  • Caregiver reports

Training includes:

  • Professional development portal
  • Recording training

The right program for this time.
mCLASS equips educators with the assessment, instruction, and intervention tool they need to help close instructional gaps this year, including:

  • Proven data you can trust from teachers, not computers
  • Predictive, one-minute measures with DIBELS
  • Comprehensive reports/granular data