The importance of knowledge for high-quality instruction during a time of remote learning

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 at 4–5 p.m. ET

Amplify CEO Larry Berger will hold a virtual panel discussion with special guests, Natalie Wexler, Suzy Loper, and Alestra Menéndez. Learn how research demonstrates the importance of background knowledge in high-quality ELA and science core curriculum. Our guests will also talk about why a focus on knowledge is particularly important during this time of teaching and learning.

Natalie-Wexler Suzy-Loper


Natalie Wexler

Education writer and author of The Knowledge Gap

Suzy Loper

Curriculum Director, The Learning Design Group, Lawrence Hall of Science

Alestra-Menéndez Larry-Berger

Alestra Menéndez

Professional Learning Manager, Amplify

Larry Berger

CEO of Amplify

Early lessons from districts using high-quality materials about making the shift to remote learning

Recorded on: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 4–5 p.m. ET

Watch the recording now.

Amplify CEO Larry Berger holds a conversation with Allison Grandberry, Kate Gerson, and K. Kendall McNutt as they share ideas for how to transition districts to using high-quality instructional materials—and early lessons they’ve learned about how to continue with high-quality instruction during this time of remote learning.

Allison-Grandberry Kate-Gerson


Allison Grandberry

P-5 Science Specialist, Department of STEM, Chicago Public Schools

Kate Gerson

Consultant, founding CEO of UnboundEd, and Senior Fellow, EngageNY

K-Kendall-Mcnutt Larry-Berger

K. Kendall McNutt

Director of Student Learning at Yelm Community Schools

Larry Berger

CEO of Amplify

High-quality materials: what, why & how to use them during remote learning

Recorded on: Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Watch the recording now.

Amplify CEO Larry Berger will hold an online panel conversation with special guests Rebecca Kockler, Jared Myracle, and Renee Wilcox exploring what high-quality materials are and why they matter, as well as how to keep using them during this period of remote learning.

Rebecca-Kockler Jared-Myracle

Rebecca Kockler

Consultant and former Assistant Superintendent of Academics at the Louisiana Department of Education

Jared Myracle

Chief Academic Officer, Jackson-Madison County School District, TN

headshot Larry-Berger

Renee Wilcox

K-12 Science Curriculum Facilitator, Smithville School District, MO

Larry Berger

CEO of Amplify