Introducing Starting Points: a great way to launch the year, whether in person or remote

The Starting Points activity set provides a research-based way for students in grades 6-12 to re-engage with school and for teachers to learn about their students at the start of school – whether remote, in person, or something in between. Centered on a 15-minute writing exercise, Starting Points prompts students to consider and freely express the values they live by. Studies show that inviting students to write about themselves and their values helps them move toward a positive mindset that leads to better long-term academic and socio-emotional outcomes.

Starting Points is designed to:

  • help you better understand your students as individuals;
  • enable you to gain a sense of how your students reason and express their thoughts;
  • help support the emotional-well being of your students during an uncertain time;
  • help improve academic indicators for your students;
  • help foster in each student a sense of belonging to your classroom and school, whether in person or remote.

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