Amplify ELA

Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8. The heart of every lesson is the text. We enable teachers to teach skills through texts and develop their students’ muscles for building meaning through reading. With Amplify ELA, students dive into complex texts and make observations, grapple with interesting ideas, and find relevance for themselves.

We are the program for middle school teachers, offering rich texts that are a delight to teach, better connections with your students through powerful differentiation and assessment tools, and step-by-step instructional guides and resources that save you time and simplify your day.


Inside an Amplify ELA classroom

Amplify ELA includes interactive group activities, print materials, and powerful digital tools to support online and offline teaching and learning. Highly adaptable and user-friendly, the program gives schools and teachers flexibility based on their technology resources and preferences.

Access the digital Student Edition for grades 6-8

The content and instruction in Amplify ELA’s digital program mirrors the content provided in the print Teacher Edition and Student Edition.  Use the credentials below when logging in with Amplify:



PASSWORD: Demo1234