Four principles of true engagement in middle school ELA

This Amplify ELA webinar series focuses on providing engaging learning experiences for your middle school students. You’ll learn actionable principles to help you in supporting students to meet key developmental needs and become confident, active learners.

Hosted by Deb Sabin, Chief Academic Officer for Amplify ELA and the ELA Curriculum team. 

Recorded presentations now available!


Principles of true engagement in middle school ELA

In this overview webinar, you’ll learn about each of the four principles that deliver deep engagement.

Empower students to become critical thinkers

Learn strategies for supporting and encouraging a culture of original thinking in your classroom.

Provide opportunities and supports for all students to work “up”

Learn differentiation strategies that drive learning and maximize growth for students of all levels.

Support feedback systems that develop strengths

Learn how to provide timely and effective feedback that is actionable and helps develop student strengths.