Keep your students learning, no matter where they are

Amplify Reading is an ideal program for students' personalized learning, at home or in the classroom. Teachers can be confident about their students’ reading growth in any learning environment.


Upcoming webinars

Amplify Reading: What Makes It Different?

Join us for a presentation on what makes Amplify Reading such a uniquely effective program and how it puts the science of reading into practice.


Amplify Reading: What’s in Store This Summer!

Hear from our product experts as they talk about exciting new enhancements, including improved skill reporting.


Parent Night: What’s Amplify Reading?

Overview of Amplify Reading and tips and supports for parents of students using the program. 


CARES Act Funding: How It Works

Overview of the CARES Act, how it works, and the ways you can leverage its funding to purchase Amplify Reading for your students this summer and beyond. 


Connecting Amplify Reading to Amplify CKLA

Learn how Amplify Reading connects directly with our core K–5 program, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA).


Connecting Amplify Reading to mCLASS®

Learn how Amplify Reading connects directly with our K–6 assessment program, mCLASS®.


Continue your Amplify Reading experience into the summer and beyond–request pricing now.

Educators who purchase Amplify Reading now can use the program right away for summer learning.

"[Amplify Reading] has taken a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful and can’t thank you enough! My biggest concern during this time was how can I keep pushing my readers at their level—and giving them what they need—and Amplify Reading solved that."

–2nd-grade teacher, Chicago, IL

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