Catch struggling readers up with a new, fully online literacy solution from mCLASS.

mCLASS Express is a rapid online tool for grades 3–6 that cuts through the challenges of intervening with off-grade-level readers and accurately pinpoints foundational skills gaps for students in upper elementary school. With next-generation speech recognition technology like Text Reading Online embedded in the program, educators can be sure where their students stand in instruction no matter where they're learning. 



Support for struggling readers who've fallen further behind this school year: mCLASS Express allows students to work completely online—in school or remotely—reading aloud texts and answering text-dependent comprehension questions. 

Cutting-edge voice recognition technology: With speech recognition technology powered by SoapBox Labs, mCLASS Express scores for fluency, accuracy, reading comprehension, and decoding. Educators see the transcript with exact error patterns and can hear their students read.

Instant groups for differentiated instruction: These are based on each student's area of need, including off-grade skills. Teachers receive specialized instruction activities for each group.

Rapid screenings and automatic recording: Students only need to use mCLASS Express three times a year and for only 15 minutes per session to see results, and assessment screenings and scores are automatically recorded.

Connected to personalized instruction:  mCLASS Express places students in Amplify Reading, our supplemental reading program, so they have a personalized starting point without further assessment.