Live Implementation Webinar

Who is this for: Amplify ELAR 6-8 educators and instructional Leaders who will be facilitating and supporting the use of Amplify Texas ELAR 6-8 Program within their classrooms and schools. 

This three-session series is designed for districts and schools who have made the decision to adopt the Amplify ELAR 6-8 Texas program  and are ready to get started! These sessions focus on equipping you with the knowledge and tools you need to successfully implement the Texas Language Arts Solution.

All sessions: 4:00-5:30 pm CST

  • January 25, Session 1: Foundations of Amplify ELAR 6-8
    An introduction to the curriculum and its components, how to use it, and the instructional philosophy of the program (including support for all learners). Guidance on entry points in the curriculum, given this year’s timeline.
  • January 28, Session 2: Amplify ELAR 6-8 Unit Internalization
    Process for unpacking and preparing to teach a unit, taught through a specific unit in a select grade level.
  • February 2, Session 3: Amplify ELAR 6-8 Lesson Internalization
    Learn the process for unpacking and preparing to teach a lesson, taught through a specific lesson in a select grade level. Learn how the program aids in making data-based choices for small group activities, and the process for giving feedback to students.