With in-person conferences postponed, Amplify wants to make sure you have access to free, high-quality professional learning relevant to today’s new normal. We held a live Virtual STEM Forum on Remote Learning during Teacher Appreciation Week, and have posted the recordings of each session here so you can continue to get professional development from the comfort of your home. 

Register to get access to several on-demand sessions and:

  • Hear from STEM thought leaders, including Desmos Chief Academic Officer Dan Meyer and professional learning specialists from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science.
  • See how a deep understanding of pedagogical concepts can support you in making instructional decisions during this time of remote learning.
  • Receive a free Top-10 Tips for Remote Learning Guide that we put together in collaboration with real classroom teachers.

Evidence in the Era of NGSS


How do we support students in building evidence-based explanations of phenomena? Join us to experience how a multi-modal approach allows students to gather evidence from a variety of sources and grapple with phenomena and real-world problems like scientists do.

Alestra Menéndez of Amplify’s professional learning team will also be joining the presentation to share some ways educators around the country solve the remote learning challenges that arise with evidence collection.

LeslieStenger (1)

Leslie Stenger


Alestra Menéndez


Utilizing Math History to Embrace Equity, Failure, and Authentic Problem Solving


Facilitating rich, equity conversations around math can still occur during remote learning. In this presentation, Sunil Singh will present ideas for how math educators can facilitate rich, equity conversations in math education by building connections through math history and storytelling. Sunil Singh

  Sunil Singh

Distance Learning with Desmos


Building connections during remote learning can be difficult. To support your new reality, learn from Dan Meyer how to find, run, and create digital activities to support your students and give them something interesting to think about. dan meyer

  Dan Meyer


Leading with Phenomena: Mystery in Desert Rocks Canyon


Geologists found a mysterious fossil in a rocky outcrop. How did it get there? Using an exemplar from Amplify Science, explore how instructional sequences designed around engaging, authentic phenomena can provide a powerful context that motivates students to figure out like a scientist using the three dimensions of science and engineering.

Alestra Menéndez of Amplify’s professional learning team will also be joining the presentation to share some ways educators around the country are using remote learning to implement phenomena-based instruction.


Rebecca Abbott 


Alestra Menéndez

Mathematics and Mindfulness


Social-Emotional Intelligence is the key component to engendering formidable mathematical learning. Moving to distance learning shouldn’t lessen its importance. In this presentation Christina Lincoln-Moore will look at how social-emotional learning enables students to have positive identities as sense-makers and problem solvers. christina lincoln-moore

Christina Lincoln-Moore

Remote Learning Tips from the Classroom


Join Keniesha Charleston (second grade teacher from Chicago Public Schools) and Kelly Young (fifth grade teacher from San Diego Unified School District) as they share remote learning experiences from their classrooms. KenieshaCharleston

Keniesha Charleston

KellyYoung (1)

Kelly Young