Download the “Finding and Implementing Quality Curriculum: What Matters Most” white paper.

In fall 2019, the EdWeek Research Center conducted a nationally-representative survey (sponsored by Amplify) of more than 500 educators to explore how they searched for, vetted, and implemented new curriculum programs. Quality-Curriculum-What-Matters-Most-IMG_v2


Key findings from the survey include:

    • High-quality materials matter to educators – second only in importance to teachers.
    • Educators who use the most popular third-party review source,, are highly satisfied with the tool, expressing confidence in its standards and evaluations.
    • Administrators were more aware of and likely to use EdReports in their reviews of programs than teachers and instructional coaches.
    • In thinking about a high-quality curriculum adoption, educators prioritized two areas not captured by third-party review sites: student engagement with challenging content and support for high-quality implementation.