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Math Teacher Lounge with Bethany Lockhart Johnson and Dan Meyer

Course 1: Technology in the math classroom and using a slow reveal graph

What does effective and ineffective technology look like in the math classroom? Teacher planning and instruction has to be intentional when using technology in class. This course features insight from Idil Abdulkadir, Robert Berry, Lauren Carr, Jenna Laib, Steve Leinwand, Francis Su, and Theresa Wills.




Course 2: Wrong and brilliant in the math classroom

Students are eager to discover if they are right or wrong in math. However, the emphasis on right or wrong can lead to math anxiety. In this course Megan Franke and Mandy Jansen talk about how you can reduce math anxiety and create a space where students' mistakes can be celebrated.




Course 3: Math in public

Mathematics is everywhere and can be found in life’s daily tasks. How do we re-examine our relationship with math and ensure that mathematics is a welcoming space for all? This self-paced course features Molly Daley, Omo Moses, and Chris Nho.




Math Teacher Lounge Season 2

Bethany and Dan are back for Season 2 of Math Teacher Lounge. Head over to the lounge to stay up-to-date everything K—12 math!

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