Whether your school is engaged in in-person, hybrid, or remote instruction this year, we know how important it is for teachers and administrators to understand every student’s literacy development. 


What is mCLASS?

mCLASS® with DIBELS® 8th Edition is an integrated gold-standard literacy system that offers teacher-administered assessment and holistic instruction for grades K–6. 


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The mCLASS comprehensive system includes efficient one-minute measures, a built-in dyslexia screener, teacher-led and student-driven instruction, intervention, and robust reports for teachers and administrators. It’s all you’ll need to monitor and support every type of learner in your classroom.


[Free resources] Get the answers you need about dyslexia

As awareness of dyslexia in early literacy grows, more and more questions have emerged about the learning disability and how to better identify and support students at risk.  Enjoy a few free resources that offer expert insights on how to effectively screen for and manage the learning disability in students. 

  • Dyslexia toolkit
  • [Podcast] Nancy Nelson, Research Assistant Professor at the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon, discusses myths and misconceptions around RTI, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and universal screening in reading instruction.
  • [Podcast] Lois Letchford, author of Reversed: A Memoir, shares personal accounts of her son’s struggles with learning how to read in school with dyslexia.

Stop the COVID-19 slide with Amplify Reading

Amplify Reading is a digital reading program for K–8 that connects directly to mCLASS and leverages the power of storytelling to engage students in instruction and practice grounded in the science of reading. 

It can fit flexibly into any school model this fall, as students can use it on their own at home or in the classroom. The best part? It's easy to use, based on the science of reading, and kids love playing it.  Apply for a free trial through the end of the school year here.